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Bad Breakups, Worse Haircuts (2013)

Make a saving throw vs. kickassness

Odd Man Out (2014)

Rise and Shine (2015)

Fall & Fade (2016)

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Matt Ferrara


Matt Ferrara is the author of the short story collection Young Drunks in Love and the poetry book Five Seeds Enclosed in a Capsule. As a musician, he was the bass player in the bands Surd (1995-1997) and Johnny Daddy-O and the Telefunken U47s (1997-1998). In 2004, he earned an MFA in poetry from New England College in Henniker, NH. In 2005, he moved to Seoul, Korea and recorded Seoul. After a stint in Montreal, he returned to Boston and recorded Home. The proud father of twin boys, he found little time for musical projects until 2013, when he finally completed an RPM Challenge with Bad Breakups, Worse Haircuts. That ended up being a prolific year, with a second album, Forward March!, and Tongue-in-cheek rap EP, Straight Outta Malden, completed in November and December, respectively. His 2014 RPM Challenge album, Odd Man Out, is about alienation, loneliness, and Superheroes.

Matt Ferrara: Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Vocals


Indie Rock, ,Lullabies


Completed Albums

Bad Breakups, Worse Haircuts(2013)

Make a saving throw vs. kickassness

I Am Somebody Else   (preferred)   Download
Whatever You Decide   Download
Close The Door   Download
Thank God I Am Rid Of You   Download
Photoshop My Mullet Out   Download
Oboe Spaghetti-Os   Download
Without   Download
Crying Shame   Download
All I See Is Dark   Download
The One   Download

Odd Man Out(2014)

Odd Man Out   (preferred)   Download
Nostalgic   Download
Aquaman   Download
A Hole Punched In The World   Download
Pennyworth Polishes The Pewter   Download
Invisible   Download
Dust   Download
Are We Alone?   Download
Old Enough To Know Better   Download
The Leaves Are Gone   Download

Rise and Shine(2015)

1. Push This Button   Download
2. Gonna Happen Anyway   Download
3. I've Got Everything   Download
4. Tony Danza   (preferred)   Download
5. Shine   Download
6. Venom   Download
7. Glory   Download
8. Ten Years   Download
9. Over and Over   Download
10. Q&A   Download
11. Rise   Download
12. High School   Download
13. Glory (Reprise)   Download

Fall & Fade(2016)

Second Month (Another RPM) (feat. NumberQ)   (preferred)   Download
Im Feeling Down   Download
Fall (feat. The Calculus Affair)   Download
Brian Wilson   Download
Ode on Trump and What He Calls His Hair   Download
Meteor   Download
Montreal   Download
Bums (feat. My Kids)   Download
America   Download
The First Last Time   Download
Fade (feat. Donhead)   Download